Large Outdoor Screen: Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro

large outdoor screen

Large Outdoor Screen: Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro

Open Air Cinema's large outdoor screen lineup is highlighted by the 16' Pro. This screen is one of our most popular for several reasons, and in this blog post we'll highlight these reasons. If you're looking to purchase a new outdoor movie system, the 16' Pro inflatable movie screen will deliver the balance between size, quality, and power that you need in order to entertain, uplift, and inspire your community or family. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your 16' Pro outdoor movie system. You can also fill out our online contact form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Additionally, you can purchase the 16' Pro directly in the OAC online store. No matter how you place your order, we look forward to processing it today.

16' Pro Large Outdoor Screen: Made in the USA

Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro large Outdoor Screen has been made in the USA for over 10 years. We believe in supporting American jobs and American workers, and want to keep a close eye on the production and manufacturing of our outdoor screens. Other manufacturers contract the production of their screens overseas, which results in a lower quality product, and often times a more expensive product as you'll have to ship it halfway around the world. If you believe in USA made products, make sure to go with an Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen.

16' Pro Large Outdoor Screen: The Flagship Product

The 16' Pro large outdoor screenВ is Open Air Cinema's flagship product. В This screen is the ultimate in size, portability, and durability. It's massive 16' wide projection surface means that you can host thousands of audience members at your movie in the park event. The screen folds down into an amazingly small duffle bag for maximum portability. It can be lifted by one person, and can fit in the backseat of your car. The 16' Pro outdoor theater screen has been built with the strongest of materials so that you can enjoy movies under the stars for years to come. It features rear stability arms that help in wind resistance and make setup a cakewalk.

16' Pro Large outdoor screen as a full outdoor movie system

The 16' Pro large outdoor screen comes as a complete outdoor movie system. В When you order the screen with a complete system you'll receive a high definition outdoor video projector, a powerful outdoor speaker system, and an audio visual console that will enable you to hook up virtually any audio visual device. This means that you can stream your favorite Netflix movies on your outdoor movie system, play the latest and greatest video games, entertain thousands at your next outdoor concert series, and much much more. The possibilites are endless with an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema. Contact Open Air Cinema at 866-802-8202 to order your 16' Pro large outdoor screen or outdoor theater system today!

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