Krems, Austria: Arthouse Cinema Features Open Air Cinema Screenings in Krems, Austria

Open Air Cinema in Krems, AustriaThe architectonic landmark and namesake of this state-of-the-art cinema Kino im Kessel-haus (cinema in the boiler house) is the significant smoke stack from the former boiler house of the old tobacco factory at the Campus Krems. The cinema features arthouse films as well as open air cinema screenings. Since its founding in October 2005 as the first arthouse cinema in the city of Krems, the cinema of the Г–sterreichische Filmgalerie has served as a cultural meeting place for ex-ploring cinematic topics. In addition to the Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten, the Kino im Kesselhaus is the only arthouse cinema in the Province of Lower Austria and provides cinematic pleasure to the inhabitants and students of the district of Krems. It is also the home of the famous outdoor cinema screenings each summer. Throughout the year, the Г–sterreichische Filmgalerie presents current international and Austrian films and documentaries, pieces that shaped the history of film, as well as avant-garde films and film shorts. Film festivals (EU-XXl film, Tricky Women, Global Education Week, etc.) and retrospectives (e.g. Austriazone with national masterpieces from the post-war period up to contemporary cinema), special programmes with youth oriented themes in combination with live music acts (e.g. Cinezone), children's films accompanied by creative activities in the cinema (Kinderzone) as well as open discussion events between film makers and audiences round out the normal cinema programme. At the same time, joint projects with regional art and cultural institutions as well as na-tional film institutions and initiatives open up contextual and interdisciplinary synergies. As a partner of Docuzone Austria and CinemaNet Europe, the Kino im Kesselhaus is one of the first arthouse cinemas in Austria that is able to project films digitally. Each summer, the Г–sterreichische Filmgalerie organises a three week open air cinema event and presents current film highlights, previews and cinema classics under the stars Wednesday through Saturday. The primary goal of the Г–sterreichische Filmgalerie is to directly link cinema and exhibition. In addition to exhibition activities, the Kino im Kesselhaus also runs films that expand on the exhibition themes and provide incentive for a supplementary visit to the cinema directly after viewing the exhibition. Kino im Kessel-haus Source:

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