Kennesaw, Georgia: Film Aid International Enlists Help for Outdoor Movies in Refugee Camps

Film Aid International Screens Outdoor MoviesNocturne Productions graciously provided Barco high-performance projectors to FilmAid International for the organization's mission in Afghanistan. FilmAid International is a non-profit organization that addresses the problems of refugee despair and psychological trauma. FAI raises awareness of the refugee crisis in Afghanistan, Africa, the Balkans, and other war-ravaged and poverty-stricken countries by enlisting the help of the film community to obtain the rights to show outdoor movies to refugees in these countries. FAI screens educational films on topics central to the refugee experience, including: HIV/AIDS awareness, hygiene for improved health, reproductive health, sexual and gender based violence, sexually transmitted diseases, human rights, conflict resolution and landmine awareness. In addition, FAI shows non-violent, family-oriented movies that relieve refugees from the stresses of everyday life. Bob Brigham, a supporter of FilmAid International, and Partner of Nocturne Productions, enlisted the help of BARCO when FilmAid approached him about the use of a high-end projector to show movies in refugee camps. Brigham's production company, Nocturne Productions provides high-brightness projection and LED displays for high-profile concert tours and events around the world. Nocturne has been a leading rental partner with BARCO for the past three years. "All of us at FilmAid International are truly grateful to BARCO for the loan of their high-end projector. With their donation, FilmAid was able to provide some extraordinary experiences for Afghan orphans and street children during our pilot screenings in Kabul this past year," stated Deborah DeWinter, Executive Director, FilmAid International. "As a result of that pilot and our videotaped recordings of these events, FilmAid has been able to share the story of our work all across the country at events to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis, and of the good work that FilmAid creates to try and reconnect refugees with the rest of the world." FilmAid will hold an inaugural charity auction on eBay to raise money for its programs on Feb. 24 through March 6, 2003. The auction will go live at 12 p.m. EST on Monday, Feb. 24. Highlights of the charity-auction items, donated by the FilmAid International Advisory Committee and other supporters, include: concert tickets and pre-concert back-stage tours to Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi, Elton John/Billy Joel, The Eagles, Christina Aguilera/Justin Timberlake, and Paul McCartney will be provided by Nocturne Productions; a dress worn at the Cannes Film Festival, donated by Julia Ormond and Christian Dior; and the hat worn by Daniel Day-Lewis in the hit movie Gangs of New York, will be donated by Harvey Weinstein, chairman, Miramax Film Corp.

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