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If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest outdoor movie news and Open Air Cinema events, join the Open Air Cinema community today! In addition to being in the know about the latest and greatest in outdoor movie equipment, you'll receive special email offers and discounts that are exclusive to community members. We often announce new products to the community first, including inflatable movie screens, outdoor projectors, noise-canceling blower boxes, and more! If you are in the market for a backyard cinema system, you'll save money by staying in the loop when it comes to special sales and offers. As a member of the Open Air Community, you'll also hear about the Open Air Foundation's recent activities, as we assist organizations in bringing educational media to marginalized communities across the globe. Our recent initiatives include partnering with a number of organizations including Google, BBC, FilmAid International, UNICEF, Shine Global, ZOA and the Rwanda Cinema Center to produce large community screenings of educational films and documentaries for hundreds of thousands throughout Africa and Asia on current issues like women's rights, conflict resolution and AIDS prevention. We are looking forward to keeping you up to date throughout 2011, and have some big plans including the introduction of new products and attendance at some of the largest entertainment and community conferences in the world, including IAAPA and NRPA. Even if you don't own an inflatable movie screen or outdoor movie system, joining the Open Air Community will be beneficial in many ways. Click here to join today! We look forward to keeping in touch.

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