Jakarta, Indonesia: Outdoor Movies Screened at Jakarta Festival

The Jakarta History Museum will hold the Batavia Art Festival on Sunday to celebrate the city's 481st anniversary with outdoor movies, fireworks, and more.

We are holding the event at Fatahillah Square for those who wish to celebrate this city's anniversary, head of the Jakarta History Museum, M.R. Manik, said in a statement released Friday.

This year, the one-day Batavia Art Festival will last longer than usual, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It will also hold new activities, like workshops, street art performances, film screenings, outdoor movie screenings and fireworks.

The various workshops include paper mask making, recycling paper and making jewelry from beads.

The outdoor movies to be screened at the festival, include Rumah Angin (House of Wind), depicting the Indonesian architectural journey; Jakarta Tempo Doeloe, depicting the city's past atmosphere; and Lightning Electrical Cyborg, an Indonesian science-fiction film to be shown on an outdoor movie screen.

Music performances by the Southwind Nanfeng Oriental Orchestra and traditional musik kaleng (can music) by the Sanggar Alam Kita will also lighten up the festival in the afternoon, along with local bands NEO and O2.

Classic movies Fatahillah and Si Ronda Macan Betawi (Ronda: The Betawi Tiger) will be screened outdoors.

Several competitions will be held, like the Indonesian superhero costume competition, organized by the Tokusatsu community, as well as BMX and graffiti competitions, organized by the LAVAN8 community.

Muchsin Mime will put on a pantomime show, Sanggar Alam Kita will perform a theatrical piece and Trinity Magic will bedazzle an audience with its magic show. To add to the street art, Padepokan Anak Negeri will perform a happening and street music by Jalur Pantura will entertain visitors roaming around.

Several kiosks will also display art works, handicrafts and culinary delights. There will also be information on the nine museums in Jakarta.

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