It's 2Cool: The Coolest Outdoor Movie Products in New England

Its2Cool Outdoor MoviesMike McDonough is the real deal. He has established himself and his outdoor cinema company It's 2Cool as one of the country's top event production companies. It's 2Cool has provided outdoor movie systems to one of the largest and most high-profile events in America the Tribecca Film Festival. He has a keen eye for quality and innovation that has kept him at the top of his game for over 6 years. Mike got started in the outdoor movie industry after his experience in the entertainment business and his love of old style drive-in movies collided, causing what he calls a perfect fit . As far as his experience goes working with Open Air Cinema, he says, It's awesome! I've worked with Stuart (Farmer) and Sean (Rainer) for many years - they are great guys. Not only is Mike a first-class outdoor movie event producer but he is also a first-class individual. Anyone who meets Mike comes away with two things: a newly acquired thick Boston accent, and a new friend. A business man, a family man, and a crowd pleaser, Mike is a very valuable asset to the outdoor movie community through his meticulous open air event productions, innovation and service.

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