Open Air Cinema Inflatable Screen used to Raise Awareness on Global Problems in Ukraine

Inflatable Screen
Monument to Taras Shevchenko, the most famous and iconic Ukrainian poet from the19th century. Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Kino Prostoneba -Open Air Cinema Foundation: Ukraine Written byВ Nicholas Bazanov, Head of Open Air Cinema Foundation, Kiev Ukraine While there is a real war happening at the East of Ukraine and the community is depressed waiting for more bad news, there are still people here who remain socially active and care about global problems.

Inflatable Screen Production of "Trashed"

Anna Yefymenko cofounder of Kyiv International Documentary Film Festival, whileВ reading her morning newspaper stumbled on the article describing an Open Air Cinema screening using an inflatable screen. Excited with the ability to organize a screening just in one hour she immediately called the office of Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine and arranged a meeting. It was a huge surprise for me when I got a positive answer from the creators of "Trashed", a documentary film with Jeremy Irons, and their willingness for me to screen it in Ukraine said Anna. She realized her responsibility was not to waste the chance of spreading positive ideas contained in the film among the wide community of Ukrainians. But she also faced numerous problems organizing theВ inflatable screenВ premiere. A lack of governmental cultural funds as well as private sponsors, exhausted by revolution and later war happening in Ukraine, made the film premiere and event organization with a inflatable screenВ almost unreal.
Inflatable Screen
Outdoor movie screening with Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in the backround. Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Kino Prostoneba -Open Air Cinema Foundation:UkraineВ 

The Novelty and Excitemnent of an Inflatable Screen

Inspired by the film that was to be screened - and Jeremy Irons' example in agreeing to take part in the project nearly for free, Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine decided to help Anna in producing the premiere. There was no need to rent a cinema hall, nor expensive projection equipment. The location for the screening was obvious Shevchenko Park in the center of Kyiv, situated between two Ukrainian universities, crowded by citizens walking around in hot summer evening. When setting the inflatable screen in the park we met many people that were curious about what we are doing. It's a tent, No! It's a trampoline! kids were guessing, while trying to help us tie the inflatable screen tethers to the ground. When everything was ready for the screening we noticed a few hundred people around us attracted by the huge inflatable screen and banner while chanting the film tagline: If you think waste is someone else's problem, think again! . It's difficult to know exactly how many people saw the film that night. However we printed 50 brochures with an iTunes linkВ and distributed all of them so that the film could continue to have exposure. Viewers were very thankful and invited us to make regular inflatable screen productionsВ in the park. Anna Yefymenko hero of the occasion could not find words to express her gratitude. Kyiv International Film Festival is going to be held in late September 2014 В and an open air film program will be an integral part of the event. We look forward to sending more updates on what we're doing at Open Air Cinema foundation, Ukraine! Inflatable Screen Monument to Taras Shevchenko, the most famous and iconic Ukrainian poet from the19th century. Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Kino Prostoneba -Open Air Cinema Foundation: Ukraine  

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