Inflatable Screen From Open Air Cinema

Inflatable Screen

Inflatable Screen From Open Air Cinema

At Open Air Cinema, we feature a huge lineup of inflatable screen products, with screens ranging from 9 to 40 feet in width, and with every screen available with a complete outdoor movie system. In this post, we'll detail our screen lineup so that you can better decide which outdoor screen is best for you and your needs. Make sure to browse our selection of screens by visiting the OAC online store today by clicking here. Contact us today at 866-802-8202, or fill out our online contact form, in order to place your order for your brand new inflatable screen. We look forward to meeting you, and to setting you up with the outdoor movie screen you've always wanted.

Inflatable Screen Home Line

Our Home inflatable screen lineup was designed with the backyard in mind, and for those who are looking to setup an outdoor theater, but who do not need the durability and ruggedness of our Pro or Elite screens. Our Home screens are built to last for years of use, but are not designed to be utilized on a daily basis in harsh conditions such as on a beach or in other rough locations. Our patented Home screens feature a lightweight nylon construction that makes the whole screen fold up extremely small, and so is easy to store as well as setup. Make sure to check out our Home inflatable screen lineup in our online store today.

Inflatable Screen Pro and Elite Line

Our Pro and Elite inflatable screenВ linesВ were engineered to be used by professional event producers and for those who want the very best in outdoor entertainment. Our Pro screens feature zippable projection surfaces that can be easily removed for storage, cleaning, or replacement. Our Pro screens also feature rear stability arms that help with extra wind resistance, and make setup easy for less individuals. Pro screens are built with rugged materials that are meant to last for years of use in even the harshest of conditions. Our Pro screens range from 9 to 20 feet in width, so make sure to check out our Pro lineup today! Our Elite screens are also built with rugged materials, but feature massive projection surfaces that go all the way up to 40 feet in width! These screens can handle just about anything, and are meant to be investments that communities can utilize for many years. We build our Elite inflatable screen with the ultimate materials that make them rugged and perfect for professional applications such as a movie in the park series, film festivals, and gatherings of any size. Check out our Elite screen lineup in our online store today. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema inflatable screen!

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