Do the Inflatable Movie Screens Have a Warranty?

inflatable movie screens At Open Air Cinema, we're here to provide you with the best quality indoor/outdoor inflatable movie screens money can by. We have a strong focus on designing and manufacturing the sturdy, long-lasting systems with the best materials, so that you'll be getting the most from your inflatable movie screenВ long into the future. If fact, we're so sure that we've created the best inflatable movie screens around that we've added great warranties to all of our models.

Inflatable Movie Screens Expanded

If you've opted for our non-inflatable Lite model, we've given you a 90-day warranty to make sure that you're up and running smoothly, straight out of the box. If you're scaling things up and are ready to do some big-time screening with either our Home or Pro systems, you'll have a full one-year warranty. If you're about to do some epic screening on our largest inflatable movie screens package, look forward to a three-year warranty to cover your big screening adventures.

В Inflatable Movie Screens are Built to Last

At Open Air Cinema, we believe in the quality of our inflatable movie screens and our Lite screen, and we're so sure that you'll notice our attention to detail that we've backed all of our screens with an industry-leading warranty program. As always, let us know if you have any questions regarding our warranties, or if there's anything else that we can answer for you, we're happy to help.

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