Inflatable Movie Screen: Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro

inflatable movie screen 16 foot pro Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to purchase your brand new 16' Pro outdoor movie screen. A friendly Open Air Cinema associate will be glad to talk to you about the many benefits of owning an outdoor movie screen. Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro Inflatable Movie Screen is one of our most popular outdoor movie screens for several reasons. First, the screen can host hundreds of audience members, yet is small enough to setup in your backyard to watch an intimate movie with close family and friends. The versatility in the screen's size is attractive because the screen can be used in a variety of situations and environments. Second, the 16' Pro outdoor movie screen has been engineered to last under harsh conditions and with heavy use.В  The PVC vinyl frame is tear and puncture resistant, and features rear stability arms that enable setup with only one person (the screen literally stands up by itself!), but also makes the screen wind resistant to gusts of up to 30mph! The 16' Pro portable movie screen also features a zippable projection surface that helps with easy cleaning and storage - ensuring that your outdoor movie is projected on a bright white surface. All of these factors make the 16' Pro outdoor movie screen one of our most popular products.В  Contact us today by calling 866-802-8202В  to purchase your 16' Pro outdoor movie screen. We look forward to talking to you soon! The 16' Pro outdoor movie screen can be purchased by itself, or in a complete outdoor movie system.В  When purchased as an inflatable movie screen system, you'll receive a portable movie screen, an outdoor projector, an outdoor speaker system.В  All of the audio visual components fit neatly into our Cinebox console, making it easy for you to hook up virtually any audio visual component.В  You'll have the ability to connect your satellite or cable TV connection, your iPad or iPod, laptop computer, Blu-Ray player, and more! Every Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system can be upgraded to OAC True HD. Upgrading to a high definition outdoor entertainment system will give you and your guests the crystal clear audio visual HD experience that you've come to expect from the big screen, and from your home entertainment system. When you upgrade your system to OAC True HD, you'll have a higher quality full HD outdoor projector and a Blu-Ray player that will play both your full HD Blu-Ray disks, as well as your standard definition DVDs. Upgrading to OAC True HD will also reproduce your high definition satellite TV or cable signal right on your outdoor movie system - bringing the big game or your favorite TV show right into your own backyard! Contact us today by calling 866-802-8202, or by using our online contact form by clicking here. We look forward to talking to you soon, and to setting you up with your brand new 16' Pro inflatable movie screen!

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