This Inflatable Movie Screen will Blow your Mind!

Inflatable Movie Screen Have you dreamed of having your own awesome movie theater in your own home? Well get prepared to have your mind blown with an inflatable movie screen from Open Air Cinema! A sound system that will shake your seat? Check! A giant screen that you can inside OR outside your house or apartment? Double-check! You're very own personal movie theater wherever you want it? You can have it all with your inflatable movie screen made by the experts at Open Air Cinema.

The Inflatable Movie Screen is for Everyone

Bring your friends over for a big screen movie in your backyard. Take gaming to the next level with a picture size that won't be able to find on any flatscreen TV. Bring your screen into your living (if you have room) and have a very special movie night with that very special someone, or take your inflatable movie screen outside and entertain your entire block! Blow your friends minds with your very own awesome movie theater with your inflatable movie screen!

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