Indie Outdoor Movie Idea: Wendy and Lucy

We recently viewed the film Wendy and Lucy, an independent film directed by Kelly Reichardt, and thought we'd pass it along as a great idea for your next outdoor movie event. The film probably wouldn't work for family audiences (although it seems to be appropriate for all ages) because it wouldn't be entertaining enough for young children.

However, it would be a really great selection for an adult audience, especially among film-loving friends in your backyard using your Cinebox Home System! Here is the theatrical release trailer for Wendy and Lucy: 

Wendy and Lucy follows a twenty-something girl, Wendy, as she travels to Alaska in search of better work opportunities after some unexplained circumstances. She is accompanied by her best friend Lucy, her Labrador dog.

Scene in the "Wendy And Lucy" movie

 Her difficult circumstances are numbingly evident: she only has a few hundred dollars to get herself to Alaska, and in a turn of bad luck, her car breaks down. Not knowing what to do next, she considers her immediate needs and sets out to get herself and lucy some food. In a turn of even more unfortunate events, she loses Lucy, and subsequently begins to lose all hope.

Lucy Labrador dog - Wendy and Lucy movie

 If this film sounds depressing, it is because it is to a degree - yet it is buoyed by breathtaking cinematography that documents a region of the country in a way that is painterly and artistic by anyone's standards. The film investigates a simpler existence- and suggests that those whom we love are truly the most important things in life. If anyone has seen Wendy and Lucy, or especially if you've screened it as an outdoor movie, we'd love to hear your story! Share by posting to the comments section below.

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