Imperial Interiors and Ukrainian 30's Tango Accompanied by CineBox Lite

Photo by Nicholas Bazanov

Imperial Interiors and Ukrainian 30's tango accompanied by CineBox Lite

I should say Canadian-Ukrainians are the most extraordinary thread in the social fabric that one can meet in Kyiv! They stand out, as they are very patriotic (maybe too much) and speak with a funny accent. And last but not least the Ukrainian Diaspora is fond of weird cultural anomalies, so cooperating with these types of people is always a remarkable experience. Recently the Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine was invited to produce a memorial evening for Bohdan Weselowsky an undeservedly forgotten Ukrainian old-school pop-composer from the early 1930's. None of my acquaintances had ever heard of him. After a quick Google search, I found a Ukrainian Wikipedia article and several YouTube songsВ dedicated to Weselowsky. Photo by Nicholas Bazanov Retro composer's evening was held in an old imperial style building at the city center. Among the invited guests were the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, a few first-class politicians as well as a gaggle of pop celebrities. The screening of the documentary went extremely well, and afterwards the Ambassador was invited to the stage for a karaoke performance! But after that someone invited us for the after-party upstairs.В  Luckily we took our CineBox Lite system and decided to take part in the improvisation. When looking at Open Air Cinema's CineBox Lite system you might imagine friends watching a TV show in their backyard, or a family video premiere at a picnic. But this time, the experience was completely different. This was a combination of archival photos, Ukrainian vintage tango dancers, and 30's Canadian-Ukrainian pop music - all streaming on the CineBox Lite system. The evening became radically surreal.

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