IAAPA Pricing through December 31, 2010

We were so glad to see all of you last month in Orlando, Florida at the IAAPA 2010 Convention! We wanted to remind everyone who attended IAAPA that special convention pricing will be valid through the end of year, or December 31, 2010! An Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system will revitalize your community or business in significant ways, through fund raising, entertainment, and community building opportunities.В  With Open Air Cinema's portable movie screens that are a part of every system, you can set up your outdoor movie in virtually any location: on the beach, beside the pool, in your entertainment facility or park, or anywhere that you have enough room for an inflatable movie screen and outdoor projector. If you live within the southern states or warmer regions of the country, creating an outdoor movie event is viable at any time during the year.В  If you live in an area of the country or world where it is colder during the winter months of the year, setting up your outdoor movie system is still possible, with the ability to set it up inside, or even outside with the right conditions.В  If you have any questions about technical issues, please contact us today, and we'd love to discuss the many possible ways that you can utilize your outdoor movie system! The outdoor movie industry has been revitalized with the introduction of OAC True HD.В  With high definition outdoor projectors, and crystal clear audio components, you can have the fidelity and clarity of your HDTV right in your own backyard! Now your high definition movie experience can be had in virtually any location. The best part of OAC True HD is that high definition projection technology is more affordable than ever, making the acquisition of an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system affordable for any business. Contact us today to find an outdoor movie system that meets your budget and needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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