How to set up an Outdoor Movie Screening in a Parking Lot

outdoor movie screening The greatest things about an inflatable movie system from Open Air Cinema is its flexibility, portability and quality. Built tough to be taken just about anywhere, your movie system from Open Air Cinema is perfect for an outdoor movie screening whenever and wherever you'd like. An outdoor movie screening is an amazing way to entertain, share ideas, or even promote products, and sometimes a parking lot is the venue of choice due to flat ground and open space. We've jotted down a few tips for your next parking lot outdoor movie screening that we think you'll find helpful. With a few precautions and enough set up time, you'll be entertaining dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people before you know it.

В Outdoor Movie Screening Basic Setup

First things first, make sure you have sufficient power for your outdoor movie screening. You'll need a electrical source for the screens blower, your sound system, your video player, and projector, so make sure you have enough extension cords and power strips available. Depending on where you hold your outdoor movie screening, you might need a generator to produce enough power, make sure to troubleshoot your location beforehand so that you don't come up with any unexpected surprises. Next, make sure to clear the cement or asphalt of any debris like nails, glass or anything else that could potentially harm your inflatable movie screen. After that, lay down a surface for your screen to rest on, like a tarp or carpet. Once you have a clear area in which to place your screen, inflate your screen and use the attached support straps to weight it down. For this your can use something small and heavy like sandbags or even free weights. Whatever you choose to use, make sure you spend a few moments making sure that the inflated screen is weighted down evenly so that it can move or shift in position.

В Outdoor Movie Screening

Once your screen is inflated, the power is running and all the components are connected, you'll be all set to deliver the outdoor movie screening of a lifetime. Make sure to give yourself enough time to be able to troubleshoot any problems that arise during set up, a little preparedness will go a long way to impress your audience at your outdoorM260X movie screening. As always, please contact us if there's anything that we can do for you or if there's any additional questions that we can answer, we're happy to help.

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