How to choose complete outdoor movie system for city park?

Every community park in the US wants to provide a quality recreation time for the visitors. There are a lot of exciting activities during the day. And in the evening one of the most enjoyable activities to be organized is a movie night under the stars.

Free Outdoor Film Screenings in the Park
When faced with the choice of outdoor movie sets you will want to address the same moments that one deals with during an average procurement process: maintenance cost, ease of use, equipment lifespan. As a reputable brand and a US-based manufacturer, we will provide you with a complete, turnkey outdoor movie system that will last your community park for years to come.

Chances are you might already have a set of speakers and projector or two in your inventory. For this equipment to be suitable for outdoor event screenings, your projector needs to be 3,000 lumens bright and have an HDMI input. The power of the audio system needs to be at least 1,000W total power, and rated to operate outdoors.

If you already have such equipment the only missing component is an inflatable screen. If not sure -- don't hesitate to get in touch with us to confirm if the equipment that you have could be used for outdoor movie nights. It's not a problem for us to prepare a custom quote to meet your specific equipment needs.

Also available are turnkey solutions with all the necessary components that work out of the box.

Audience size

When you plan an open air movie event in your park think about a specific venue for such a screening. How many viewers can it accommodate? The resulting audience size will be the decisive factor for the screen size that you will need. 16' x 9' and 20' x 11' are the most universal sizes for the "movie in the park" screenings. Such screens will comfortably entertain between 250 and 500 people in chairs or spread out on blankets. Outdoor movie systems of 16' or 20' are compact when stored away and require two technicians to operate.

Audience on blankets - Movie in the Park
The larger screens of up to 40' x 22.5' are rather for large audiences or Drive-in applications. 4-6 technicians needed to operate a 40-footer, which comes at an extra cost.

Open Air Cinema Home or Pro lineup for community parks

The most popular 16' and 20' sizes from Open Air Cinema come as a part of two lineups: Home and Pro. Despite its name, the Home lineup is widely embraced by event professionals. The Home inflatable screens are lightweight and have common features with Pro screens. Think: rear projection, removable surface for cleaning and premium-grade materials. The main benefit of Pro screens is its self-standing structure for easier setup and 100% image coverage during rear projection. And higher wind rating -- up to 30 MPH.

The Pro complete outdoor movie systems include higher-grade AV components such as a brighter projector and more powerful speakers, as well extra items, hand-picked by Open Air Cinema to make frequent screening management more convenient for you as an event organizer.

As your first outdoor movie system or if you are on a limited budget, the Home lineup will be more than sufficient.

The Home system will fit in great for weekend screenings during the season, for years to come. But if the plan is to host movies under the stars every day consider investing in a Pro system from Open Air Cinema.

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