How much power does your outdoor movie system actually consume?

If you have an event planned off-grid - or want to predict the electrical consumption of your movie-under-the-stars — here’s useful info for your CineBox™ system.

Let’s begin with the most power-hungry item in your outdoor movie setup:

Air Blower
Air BlowerDepending on your inflatable screen size and lineup you will need a powerful air blower to keep your inflatable screen wrinkle-free. Air Blower efficiency is measured in Horse Power. The more HP - the more energy is consumed:

1\4 Horse Power - 280 Watts / hour 
(Good for our 9’ and 12’ Home screens)

1\2 Horse Power - 600 Watts / hour
(Good for our 16’ and 20’ Home screens + 12’ Pro and 16’ Pro screens)

1 Horse Power - 800 Watts / hour 
(Good for our 20’ Pro and 20’ Elite screens)

1.5 Horse Power - 1000 Watts / hour 
(Good for our 25’, 30’ and 40’ Elite screens)

Air blower power consumption is not constant. It consumes the most energy when you turn it on. Once fully inflated, it maintains pressure inside your screen.  This is the lowest power consumption level compared to the previous two operation phases.

This how projector looks like LED Laser Projectors are useful but they continue to be expensive.The projector bulb standard is Metal Halide. Here are Metal Halide consumption stats:

9 ft Home System - 3000 lumens - 253 Watts / hour
12 ft Home System - 3400 lumens - 330 Watts / hour
16 ft Home System - 3600 lumens - 330 Watts / hour
20 ft Home System - 4800 lumens - 390 Watts / hour

12 ft Pro System - 4800 lumens - 390 Watts / hour
16 ft Pro System - 5000 lumens - 445 Watts / hour
20 ft Pro System - 5500 lumens - 445 Watts / hour

20 ft Elite System - 5500 lumens - 445 Watts / hour
25 ft Elite System - 6000 lumens - 615 Watts / hour
30 ft Elite System - 6000 lumens - 615 Watts / hour
40 ft Elite System - 6500 lumens - 645 Watts / hour 

CineBox™ and Speakers

A Speaker - you'll want a pair of them for stereoActive / powered speakers are energy efficient. They use class D amplification. Additionally your Media Console includes updated electronic components with very moderate power consumption. Open Air Cinema Pro CineBox™ has a power conditioner onboard which stabilizes the electric current from unwanted harmonics.

Both your speaker system and Open Air Cinema Media Console typically consume up to 500 Watt.

Overall, you should reserve around 3kW for your Home Outdoor Movie System, 5kW for Pro and 7kW for Elite. These are peak values. Continuous consumption would be approximately half the peak.

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