Horror Movies Outdoors

Horror Movies Outdoors Watching a scary movie outdoors, somewhere open and unfamiliar can really take fright over the edge.В  Make your next get together a spookfest by showing your favorite horror films outdoors! В  Open Air Cinema's large inflatable movie screens can accommodate big groups and are quickly inflatable and portable to set up in the backyard or on the deck.   Whatever your taste in horror films there are many choices that can make for a fun, creepshow.В  Make a night of your outdoor movie party by pairing it with a themed drink for fun!   Psychological Thriller: The Shining and Redrum Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, is the pinnacle of psychological horror films.В  Starring Jack Nicholson and his family trapped together in an elegant hotel that has been closed for the winter. В  This is a movie one can watch a thousand times and still dig into its deep and twisted themes. Pair The Shining with a RedRum cocktail.В  In a cockatil shaker combine your favorite light rum with blood orange soda and lime for a fruity deep red drink.В  One part rum to two or three parts soda is a good combination depending on how strong you prefer.В  If served during the outdoor movie, make a whole punch bowl full so guests can serve themselves during without having to disturb the group with a loud shaker.   Cult Zombie Flick : Night of the Living Dead and a Zombie Cocktail   Night of the Living Dead and its sequels are the ultimate zombie flicks with flesh eating zombies chasing relentlessly after those few left living. В  Whether you are a slow-moving or the fast-moving zombie fan, you have to like this as the mother of genre.В  Make it a night by pairing your outdoor movie with a Zombie cocktail!   This is another rum based cocktail, in a shaker combine one ounce of each dark, golden and white rum with lime juice.В  Then add a teaspoon of pineapple and papaya juice and a teaspoon of superfine sugar then shake.В  This drink is served tall in a Collins glass.   Enjoy your outdoor movie fright night!

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