Home, Pro and Elite Cinebox consoles compared

Cinebox™ is an integral and important part of an outdoor movie system. The Cinebox™ is the event producer's main point of interaction with the entire outdoor movie system.

By operating a Cinebox™, you decide what is being shown or performed to the large crowds at the event venue. The Cinebox, or in other words an outdoor movie system media console needs to include specific electronic components that allow you to control the show by mixing content, regulating volume, audio tone and switching between numerous inputs and outputs.

All of this may need a bunch of gadgets to work — and we at Open Air Cinema decided to make it as compact and convenient as possible by combining the components as part of a rack box.

Obviously different outdoor movie events require different equipment and different approaches.

A backyard movie party and a 300-car drive-in will need significantly different sets of equipment.

Therefore at Open Air Cinema we offer three different Cinebox models for each of our three lineups: Home, Pro and Elite.

Three common features for every media console

The Home, Pro and Elite Open Air Cinema media consoles will include

-a power conditioner to keep your precious electronic equipment safe when operating with a gas generator and to protect your audio signal from the grid harmonics;

-some sort of a media player (consumer or professional use)

-an audio mixer with inputs and outputs and various interfaces and knobs.

Each Open Air Cinema Cinebox comes prewired and ready to work out of the box.

We also include extra cables and adapters such as Apple-to-HDMI and USB Type C to HDMI so you could hook up your mobile devices.

Home Cinebox, a compact but capable piece of equipment for your backyard

Open Air Cinema Home Cinebox is a power conditioner, audio mixer and Blu-ray player contained in a handy 3U enclosure made of durable nylon with steel inserts, padded handles and a removable shoulder strap, for ease of transportation.
Open Air Cinema Home Cinebox™
It can easily be carried around by one person.

Pro Cinebox, a precise road-ready tool for large-scale events

The Pro Cinebox comes in a rugged hardshell case with two reliable leads on the front and back sides. The design of the rack bag is shock-proof and provides peace of mind for the AV components inside.
Open Air Cinema Pro Cinebox™
A standard Pro Cinebox from Open Air Cinema includes a wireless microphone and shop lights built inside the power conditioner for convenient operation in the dark.

The Blu-ray player from Sony can upscale content to 4K, has WiFi onboard for streaming and can play media files from USB port.

Each Pro Cinebox media console comes with a lockable rack-mounted drawer for your smaller electronics and just-in-case items for the event.

Elite Cinebox, a film festival-grade, customizable AV solution

Open Air Cinema Elite Cinebox is the most customizable AV solution for outdoor movie professionals.

Upon clients' requests it may contain any rack-mounted components necessary for your events.
Open Air Cinema Elite Cinebox™
The most common Elite Cinebox comes in a 12U rack box on wheels and a top-mounted 12-channel audio mixer. One of the frequently requested items is a set of preview monitors and a professional HDMI mixer to combine the different video sources in one smooth performance.

Typically, Open Air Cinema Elite console contains a pair of professional Blu-ray players.

And one of the recent items likes by our customers is a built-in laptop shelf.

Other items that can be included:
  • Hardware audio equalizers.
  • Broadcast-grade video mixers.
  • Audio delays.
  • FM transmitters from drive-in application.
While Open Air Cinema Cinebox design is shaped by our 20-year experience in the industry, we always event producers who ask for custom solutions and consult with us to help them meet their unique event needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch today!

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