Happy Halloween from Open Air Cinema!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2T7d8j6I5I Official Movie Trailer for Twilight, one of the films that made the Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies list. We hope everyone has had a great Halloween weekend, especially as you have been screening your favorite scary flick on your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system! We have enjoyed reviewing the our list of Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies, and are glad to hear that many of you have made the outdoor projection of a Halloween movie the centerpiece of your annual spooky party! Remember these items if you are producing an outdoor movie event for tonight's festivities:
  • Bring plenty of blankets! They provide the needed cushion for sitting on the ground, as well as an additional layer of warmth if you are in an area of the country that experiences cold temperatures this time of year.
  • Provide refreshments to keep your guests warm and filled (movies are always better with something to munch on!) For Halloween, we suggest hot apple cider or cocoa (you could dye the cider blood red!), warm cookies (try sugar cookies with spooky designs!), and seasonal candy (candy corn, gummy creepy crawlers, etc). Or, as we've suggested before, popcorn with creepy plastic bugs planted througout!В  Imagine the reaction of your guests when they grab a handful of popcorn, and pull out a disgusting spider or cockroach!
  • Have fold-able camping chairs handy for the elderly members of your community or social circle who may not be comfortable sitting on the ground.
  • Test your equipment ahead of time, so you can make sure everything is in working order before everyone shows up. Fire up your outdoor projector, and inflate your screen, as you'll quickly see if anything is not working properly.
  • Set up your outdoor air screen ahead of time.В  The last thing you want to be doing when everyone arrives is fiddling with the screen or un-tangling your cables.В  Setting up early will allow you to enjoy the company of your guests before the movie starts.
The nightmare before ChristmasWe wanted to list the Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies one more time, in case you haven't decided what spooky flick to watch with your family or friends: FAMILY HALLOWEEN MOVIES 1. Beetlejuice 2. Casper 3. Corpse Bride 4. Edward Scissorhands 5. GhostBusters 6. Harry Potter 7. Hocus PocusGhostbusters 8. The Nightmare Before Christmas 9. Signs 10. To Kill a Mockingbird 11. Twilight Series 12. Young Frankenstein SCARY HALLOWEEN MOVIES (Not for small children) 13. Amityville HorrorJaws 14. Arachnophobia 15. Blair Witch Project 16. The Exorcist 17. Halloween Series 18. Jaws 19. Paranormal Activity 20. Rosemary's Baby 21. Scream 22. Shaun of The Dead 23. Session 9 24. The Shining 25. Shutter Island If you are interested in obtaining an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system in time for your Thanksgiving get together or for that special Christmas gift, contact us today! We'll be in touch shortly, and will help you find an outdoor movie system that will meet your needs and budget. Happy Halloween, from everyone at Open Air Cinema!

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