What is Guerilla Cinema?

Guerilla Cinema

Outdoor MoviesDefinition 1 - Cinema anywhere anytime a (semi) spontaneous outdoor screening of films and works by youth and independent artists designed to stimulate dialogue among young people about the film's content. These films arefollowed by a guided de-construction with the audience to build media literacy and provide a stimulus for discussion and content creation. Youth learn the power of storytelling and acquire media technology training. Works created are screened in the outdoor twilight Guerilla Cinema Series and at the Festival. Offered in the summer Definition 2 - MANIFESTO: To show films wherever and whenever possible. On barns, on sheets, on walls, on anything. Always different - Always free. All are welcome. A few years ago a group of us at Polyester Prince Productions grew tired of screening films in the same venues for the same select group of film enthusiasts. After much discussion, we came up with a plan of bringing "film to the people". On a monthly basis and largely unannounced, we would perform Guerilla film screenings around town. So what does that entail? We would search for places where we could find electrical current and have a surface where we could project an image. We would then set up a projector, some music, lay down a few blankets, pass round the wine and let the magic begin. These spontaneous screenings have created a new outlet for guerilla cinema and found an entire new audience of people who previously had little or no experience with small format filmmaking. Definition 3- Even we're not old enough to remember the drive-in. According to legend, there was a huge drive-in cinema in Goodwood [where GrandWest is today] a couple of decades back. Zebras also used to roam free and chew grass where Mavericks is today. Blankets, Cortinas, beer and picnics were the order of the day along with heavy petting and not a great deal of movie watching. The idea might be set for a rerun however. California-based MobMov is a drive-in movie system built into a car, that pops up at different locations every week. MobMov, which is short for mobile movie, was founded last year by Bryan Kennedy, a 25 year old web developer who wanted to create a guerilla drive-in for his friends. Before long, friends of friends joined in, and MobMov went public, with movie showings announced through mailing lists. The set-up is relatively simple: install a DVD player, projector, and power inverter into a car, and use a low-power FM transmitter to share a movie's soundtrack to nearby car radios. Obviously its a nice social get-together idea, but could it be a nice opportunity for independent film makers in Africa to get their movies to the audience? It seems that getting a small movie onto the circuit is most of the problem here - so this idea easily bypasses all the BS and gets the show on the road. by Anonymous Source: http://chorltonfi.pbworks.com/Guerilla-Cinema

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