Outdoor Movies in One of the Many Open Air Cinemas of Greece

Outdoor Movies in the Many Open Air Cinemas of GreeceDuring your stay in Greece, do not fail to go at least once to one of the hundreds summer open air cinemas that are scattered all over the country. It is a unique experience, as summer outdoor movies are one of the Greek people's most popular forms of entertainment during spring and summer. At the same time, they are an inextricable part of the cultural identity of the country and have left their traces in the memory of many generations. They provide outdoor movies that may feature Greek films or American blockbusters. There are open air cinemas in all the Greek cities and many holiday resorts. They operate in open-air areas, roofs, empty lots, parks etc, are usually surrounded by small natural or artificial gardens where plants such as honeysuckle, bougainvilleas and jasmine prevail, and their floor is covered with pebbles. Traditionally, cinephiles have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshment or a drink under the starry sky while watching a film, as next to the easy director's style chairs there are small tables, giving you the impression of sitting in an open-air bar. In recent years, more and more summer cinemas have opened that differ from the older ones in architectural and stylistic terms, as they have more comfortable chairs, state-of-the-art equipment, a wider range of products offered in their cantinas and wooden floors instead of pebbles. Outdoor movie shows usually start around 9 p.m., as it has to be dark first. In Greece films are not dubbed, with the exception of certain children's films, but have Greek subtitles. Among the many summer open air cinemas in Athens, try a visit at Aegli cinema near the Zappeion Palace at the National Gardens, or Cine Paris in Plaka with an excellent night view of the Acropolis. Read full article at: http://grhomeboy.wordpress.com/2007/07/25/summer-open-air-cinemas-in-greece/

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