Ukrainian street artists use ultra mobile projectors to help keep Ukraine unified.

Written by Michael Malcev, correspondent from KINO POSTONEBA Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine Portable Projection System Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Kino Prostoneba -Open Air Cinema Foundation: Ukraine In February 2014 the media was filled with viral pictures and video of the Ukrainian capital on fire. Thousands of Ukrainians came out to the central square in a struggle for a democratic future for their country. In less then in half a year this place has returned to its peaceful day-to-day atmosphere, but for many Ukrainians it still remains a symbol of determining the Revolution of Dignity. It was obvious to me that Kyiv should serve to express the common national idea, become new instrument to breakthrough the new challenges by means of art.

Artistic uses for the Portable Projection System

As we have looked through the news feed of the local social initiatives stream we've noticed announcements by the young street artists. They were looking for a huge publishing printer that could produce banner-size pictures. The idea for the project called ART Mobilization was to decorate the underground walkway with patriotic artwork. Sketches were attached and we loved it at first glance. That's why we immediately contacted the artists and told them that they need no paper paint mask we could use a portable projection system instead! The sketches are projected on the wall and the only thing the artist then needed to do is to draw the details. Just like in a coloring book for children. Who knows how much Amazonian Forests we saved with this decision! The event was held on the day of Ukrainian Independence which gave the portable projection system initiative extra significance. Sketches were uploaded directly to the projector. No sockets were needed: the low energy consumption LED-Projector was powered by high capacity portable batteries. The bicycle powered generator was ready on hand in case the crew needed more energy. The result of our common work produced a series of works by Andriy Yermolenko - United Colors of Ukraine. It is dedicated to the one of the most important modern Ukrainian issues unity of the country regions. An abstract painting by Margarita Kiselova depicts the chaos of war that reminds the calm and relaxed citizens of Kyiv about the military conflict at the East of Ukrainian border.

Future Portable Projection System collaborations

Our personal sense of accomplishment in ART Mobilzation" is that we helped to create something which will remain for decades using a non-traditional approach. We are excited about our ability equipped with a portable projection system.В We are looking forward to participate in another project: Dragon Capital Ukraine , which aims to beautify the boring suburbs high-rise walls with contemporary art. To be continued Portable Projection System Photos by Nicholas Bazanov, Kino Prostoneba -Open Air Cinema Foundation: Ukraine By Michael Maltsev Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine

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