Google Doodle Today Honors the First Drive-In Movie

Drive In Movie"

Google Doodle Honors Drive-In Movies

You're likely to go to today, and if you do, you'll see that the Google Doodle of the day honors the earliest predecessor to the inflatable movie screen. Of course we're speaking about drive-in movies! According to this article in the Christian Science Monitor, Richard Hollingshead was the very first person to open a drive-in movie theater in New Jersey, all the way back in 1933! The article also notes that at the height of the phenomenon in the 1950's, that there were over 5,000 drive-in movies across America.

The Outdoor Movie Screen Replaced the Drive-In Movie

The Christian Science Monitor article also talks about the rich history of Guerilla Cinema, where people throw up an instant outdoor movie theater to watch a movie with family and friends. Although the permanent drive-in movie is a thing of the past, Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems and inflatable movie screens make it possible to have an instant, portable, giant drive-in movie experience in practically any location. In fact, at Open Air Cinema, we've seen many individuals across the United States and around the world using our inflatable movie screens and outdoor movie systems to setup drive-in movies for communities everywhere. There are some great things about using an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system to setup a drive-in movie theater. Instead of having a built-in permanent structure like in years past, an Open Air inflatable movie screen is portable and can be setup in any location. The seamless white screen and today's digital projection technology make it possible to have a high-definition or even 3D drive-in cinema experience! Have you setup a drive-in movie with an Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen? Send us your story by filling out our online contact form by clicking here. We'd love to share how you're promoting drive-in cinema in the 21st Century! Contact us today at 866-802-8202, or complete our online contact form by clicking here if you'd like to start your own Drive-in Cinema for your community. At Open Air Cinema, we have the right equipment to bring the nostalgia of the drive-in theater to your community.  

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