"Give yourself plenty of time to set up before an event!" says Spencer Jensen.

Spencer is a serial entrepreneur who listened when his clients kept asking him to host outdoor movies. Jensen studies Business Management at the Utah State University and -- together with his family -- runs a full-service landscape company servicing the Northern Utah and South-Eastern Idaho area.

Inflatable Screen Indoors

"The idea of starting an outdoor cinema rental business came to me several times over the last couple of years, but it took a while to pull the trigger because I was concerned about the cost and I wasn't sure if there was a market in Northern Utah.  Over the course of two months, I had 6+ people approach me, asking if I had the equipment necessary to host an outdoor movie." Each time Jensen would refer them to another company, and each time he thought, "I just lost out on a sale.”  

"I finally started researching screens, projectors, and sound systems and determined it wouldn't cost very much money to rent out the equipment.  So I acquired the equipment and have started hosting events and renting out my equipment."  

What was your most memorable screening last year?

It was the one I hosted for several close friends and family members.  We watched a local college football team! We all loved the size of the viewing screen and the quality of the image. We enjoyed being outdoors and loved the sound of the powerful subs.

"Give yourself plenty of time to set up before an event!" says Jensen, whose typical clients are schools and church groups. "I've often found that it usually takes longer than I anticipate to set up for an event or rental.  It's better to be early than too late. Having plenty of time gives you time to fix a problem if something comes up."

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