Fundraising With Your Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System

outdoor movie fundraising Contact us today to order your outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema.В  You can call us at 866-802-8202 or fill out our online contact form. Either way, we are excited to talk to you and to help you get on your way to fundraising for your organization in big ways. Do you represent a municipality, a non-profit organization, or are you promoting a cause you believe in? If so, you are likely looking for ways to raise funds for your cause, and we know as well as anyone that this can be a difficult process (we've written many grants for the Open Air Foundation). However, fundraising has never been as easy as with an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema.В  There are several ways to use an inflatable movie screen system to promote your cause, and in turn to raise lots of money so that you can focus on what you do best - helping those in need, curating that big art show, or entertaining your community for another year. Here are a few ideas about how you can use an Open Air Cinema portable movie screen system to raise funds: 1. Screen a film related to your cause. Everyone knows that in order to get people to donate to your cause, you need to educate them on what it's all about.В  One of the best ways to do this is through the medium of film. The magic of the big screen is a big promoter of what you care about most, and there is likely a film that relates to your cause.В  Whether you are raising money to help the devastated residents of Haiti or Japan, or if you're trying to build up your annual fund for your upcoming city days, there is a film that will inspire and educate your audience about your cause.В  Use the entire event as a platform for your annual campaign. Solicit donations before and after the event, and make sure you keep tabs on who attended.В  Following up is a key component to securing donations. In short, screening a film related to your cause on an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system is a powerful thing, and will set you on your way to achieving all of your fundraising goals. 2. Request donations as admission for your annual film series. As we noted above, for your big donors it is a good idea to solicit donations in an aggressive way, and providing special screenings for your different networks will help facilitate you raising big money.В  Another way to raise funds is to charge admission (or "request donations") for your annual film series.В  This is a great way to get support from your everyday community members, who might not be able to donate $500 at your next VIP event. There are potentially thousands of community members interested in your cause, and most will be more than happy to support what you're doing through paying a few dollars to see an outdoor movie under the stars.В  With Open Air Cinema's Elite outdoor movie systems, you can host thousands of patrons at once.В  At even a few bucks a ticket, you'll potentially raise thousands of dollars at each event, setting you on your way to fulfilling your organization's mission in big ways. There are many ways to fundraise with an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system.В  Contact us today at 866-802-8202 (or use our online contact form), and we'll be more than happy to discuss the many ways you can use an inflatable movie screen system to get the attention, and the checkbooks of your prospective patrons.

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