Fundraising For Your Local Outdoor Movie Series

Outdoor Movie Starting an outdoor movie series for your community is a great way to promote local pride and even help out some new area businesses.В  As small town American main streets shrink those business owners must be savvy to build clientele and make their business successful.В  Sponsoring your outdoor movie series is a direct and fun way for them to reach the exact customers they are wanting to introduce themselves and their products to.

Food and Vendor Sponsors for your Outdoor Movie

Starting out your outdoor movie series can be less tricky than expected, remember you are bringing together a vast swath of the community.В  While you are promoting culture, you can also promote local businesses with these new potential customers.В  Reach out to established and new businesses in the area for potential sponsorship. This can be different for the different sorts of businesses.В  For example, a food vendor may donate snacks to the outdoor movie crowd just to show off their product. В  A local newspaper may not have the funds to donate but could be willing to trade-in-kind an advertisement in their paper giving visibility in your outdoor movie series.В  On Open Air Cinema's inflatable outdoor movie screen, you can set up easily and quickly.В  Create some stand along banners alongside the screen to thank your sponsors.

Booths or a Market before you Outdoor Movie

If you are in a larger city or becoming more established maybe multiple food and other product vendors are interested in joining in the fun. В  If this is the case then consider a vendor market with booths for each business that you charge a fee for.В  Prior to your outdoor movie, attendees can look around and choose dinner from their many options!

Fundraising for your outdoor movie via your local city council

Remember that the city also has a stake in promoting local culture, reach out to your city council about potential funding for your outdoor movie series.В  This sort of fundraising is more complicated than reaching out to small businesses, you will need a budget and long term structure in place in order for them to give funds. В  If the city is not willing to give money early on in the series, maybe they can provide you with permits to screen at a nice public location like a park or the town square.  

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