Fremantle, Australia: Outdoor Movies at the Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival -A Review of 'Dig!' (2005)

Outdoor Movies at the Fremantle Outdoor Film FestivalIn January of this year, we blogged about the Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival, held every year at the Bohemia Outdoor Cinema in Fremantle, Australia. We love their laid-back approach to open air cinema and quality filmmaking. This year's outdoor film festival featured rock and roll documentaries preceded by live bands and musicians. Each of the critically-acclaimed documentaries shown casts light on a unique face of the music business. The erratic and ultimately tragic "Dig!" charts the rise of the popular cult band The Dandy Warhols, along with the simultaneous fall of another band, friends of The Dandys, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The following is BBC's review of this captivating documentary. You can read the original blog post about the outdoor movie event here. Erratic, tragic, and absolutely hilarious: "Dig!" is fantastic filmmaking. Shot over seven years, Ondi Timoner's doc about two slacker bands - The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre - works as both a savagely funny rockumentary and a sardonic comment on the politics of selling out. Charting the rise of the Dandys and the simultaneous fall of their best mates The Brian Jonestown Massacre into heroin addiction and obscurity, it's a riotous portrait of the music business. Whacked-out BJM Svengali Anton Newcombe is the star of the show, an egomaniac and self-proclaimed musical genius whose taste for drugs and distaste of corporate suits leads his band into dysfunctional chaos. "I sneeze and hits come out!" he yells at one business meeting. "Well, I'm sure Capitol Records will have no problem funding your handkerchiefs," is the unimpressed reply. On the verge of a multi-million dollar deal the BJM play a gig for industry bigwigs who watch in horror as the band have an on-stage punch-up. Outdoor Movie Screening of Dig! at the Bohemia Outdoor Cinema. Meanwhile, the squeaky clean Dandys hit the A-list with their moderate rock catchiness - only fuelling the two band's love/hate relationship. The Dandys cheekily nick the BJM's dangerous appeal, turning up at their chaotic house after an all-night party for an unannounced photo session. The BJM get revenge by releasing a hate single remix of the Dandys' chart hit entitled Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth. Documenting the perils of rock stardom (and lack of) with a mocking eye, "Dig!" is top of the pops. Source: Jamie Russell -BBC. Read full article at:

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