Fremantle, Australia: Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival Features Outdoor Movies -A Review of 'Rize' (2005)

Outdoor Movie Review of Earlier this year, in January and February, the Fremantle Film Festival in Australia featured some of the best independent documentaries in a unique outdoor cinema setting. The documentaries held a common rock and roll theme, and the outdoor film festival presented live bands before the movies. The Bohemia Outdoor Cinema was a perfect setting for the outdoor movie events, and several award-winning documentaries were shown. One of these films was "Rize", documenting the new trends in hip hop music and dance originating in South Central Los Angeles. "Krumping"and "clowning" is more than just a new dance style, as the documentary presents, but defines an entire social paradigm within the South Central community. The following is BBC's review of "Rize". You can read the original blog post about the Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival here. "The footage in this film has not been sped up in any way," we're informed at the start of dance documentary Rize. It's an assertion some may doubt when they see the movie's movers shake booty like they've got electric eels stuffed in their pants. In between the performance pieces, director David LaChapelle looks at how 'clowning' and 'krumping' evolved on the mean streets of LA in the wake of the Rodney King riots. Thankfully, the preachy vibes that surface don't drown out the pounding hip-hop rhythms. Photo: Courtesy of Lions Gate Films. Clowning, we learn, originated with children's entertainer Tommy The Clown (aka Tommy Johnson): a man easy to like, not least for being brave enough to walk the hood in a rainbow fright wig. Tommy's manic moves were developed into an even wilder style, krumping. Happily, the rivalry between the clowners and the krumpers doesn't lead to violence (drive-by squirtings?) but to an epic arena dance-off. LaChapelle's film isn't all colour and motion. There are moments - notably the shooting of a young schoolgirl - that throw into stark relief what the dancers are trying to transcend. Mostly, though, Rize is determined to accentuate the positive, at times laying it on as thickly as the performers' face-paint. Outdoor Movies Screened at the Bohemia Outdoor Cinema. Moreover, with all the slow-mo and oiled-up torsos, it's often like we're watching one of LaChapelle's pop promos (it was while directing Christina Aguilera's Dirrty that he discovered clowning) rather than a serious social portrait. Still, for all its mis-steps, Rize gets by on enough jumping, pumping energy to fuel the national grid. Source: Matthew Leyland -BBC. Read full article at:

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