Paris, France: Outdoor Movies Are a Hit in Paris' Park La Villette

Outdoor Movies in the Park La Villette in Paris, FranceWith free nightly outdoor movies at the Park La Villette, France continues its use of public funds for things more visible than healthy school lunches and a new encyclopedia in the public library. Every night except Monday, Frenchies and foreigners alike gather at the massive park/ music/ cultural complex La Villette around nightfall (movies start at 10:30 but get there early) to lounge on a manicured lawn that has the cleanliness and consistency of a new shag carpet to watch a movie pertaining to this summer's theme: Man and Beast. From now to August 13th, classics such as Hitchcock's The Birds, Truffaut's L"Enfant Sauvage and Schaffner's Planet of the Apes with a leathery Charleton Heston are mixed in with more contemporary flicks such as The Life Aquatic, A Fish Called Wanda and Burton's Batman. A night at La Villette isn't just a movie; it's community bonding. The French pique-nique everywhere. Join in with a blanket, a quiche, and a bottle of rosГ© to enjoy, or, as many do, just some cigarettes and cheap beer. This is how cinema was before screens shrunk enough to fit in your pocket. The whole crowd cheers when the guy finally kisses the girl, and you too can join in the booing when the villain enters.

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