Top 5 Fourth of July Outdoor Movie Ideas

One of our favorite holidays as outdoor movie enthusiasts is the Fourth of July!

There is no better time to pull out your Cinebox System and watch a movie under the stars! The Fourth is about celebrating our country's independence with family and friends, and spending time together has come to be one of the most important aspects Independence Day.

After watching the fireworks at your nearby community park, it is a perfect time to enjoy an outdoor movie with family and friends. The summer evenings are cool and comfortable, and the kids are often out of school the next day.

So, if the time is perfect to watch an outdoor movie, what flick is the best for the holiday event? We thought we'd assemble a list of a few movies in case you can't decide what film will make this night memorable for everyone:

1- This is America, Charlie Brown
This is America Charlie Brown - Poster

This fun movie for the entire family features the favorite comic strip character Charlie Brown in this 8 part miniseries that focuses on historical events in our nation. The movie is no longer manufactured, but can be found on ebay or amazon! This is a pick that is appropriate for all ages, and would be a great choice for a young family with small children.

2- The Crossing

The Crossing Poster

This Peabody Award winning film starring Jeff Daniels tells the story of how General George Washington made a significant offensive move that turned the tables in the revolutionary war. This is a great movie for the entire family, and will help everyone remember why we are free! The movie has a PG rating.

3- To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Poster

This film based on the Pulitzer Prize winning classic novel by Hector Lee stars Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, a white lawyer in the South who defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. Against great adversity, Atticus chooses what is morally right as he defends the truth and equality for all. The film won 3 Oscars and a number of other awards, and is heralded by some as being one of the most memorable films of the 20th Century.

Although the film does not have a rating, it might not be for small children as it deals with difficult and complex scenarios that might be hard to understand. It also would not be the most entertaining movie for children. We'd suggest it for an older audience or family who would appreciate the significance of the film's values and testimony to what makes America a great nation!

4- The Patriot

The Patriot

This film starring Mel Gibson is a fictional story based on the American Revolution. The Patriot is a large film that is packed with historical details, and will remind you and your audience of the sacrifices made by the founding fathers and members of our great country. Mel Gibson delivers a stellar performance as he portrays a humble American militiaman who fights against the British. The Patriot is rated R, and has some very violent moments, so is not for young children.

Make sure you've seen the film before deciding whether or not to screen it with your family. It would make an excellent choice as a date-night holiday film!

5- Independence Day

Independence Day Poster

Set in New York City, this action packed movie starring Will Smith will surely keep the holiday spirit, as Smith defends the earth from an alien attack, uniting all humanity in an epic struggle against life forms who wish to destroy planet earth. Independence Day is rated PG-13, and there are some moments that might not be suitable for young children, so make sure to watch the movie before deciding whether or not it is appropriate for your family or community.

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