Fort Smith, Arkansas: Inflatable Screen Great Party Accessory to Enthuse the Crowd

Lines with wait times of about 30 minutes were common at several popular bars. Ron Le, a bouncer at Webby D's, said there was a line that began at 7 p.m. and had not abated all night.

The capacity of the venue is 175 people and as people slowly trickled out, an equal number were admitted to watch the final performance of the band Ollie's Trash Can. Other live music could be heard at La Huerta where The Blue Collar Band performed.

The hoots and hollers of happy celebrants were drowned out when in the proximity of MS Mobile DJ's converted ambulance that pumped out the tunes and showed music videos on several monitors.

Marc Sparks, the owner of the DJ service, also had a remote controlled camera that he panned and zoomed to capture crowd video that was streamed live to a large inflatable screen. Fort Smith police cruised the avenue on bikes and cars to keep order although the party scene was one of good times and no trouble in the two hours this observer spent bar hopping, taking photographs and talking to people. Joel Rafkin Read more....

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