Open Air Cinema Featured Product: Cinebox Elite 20' Outdoor Movie System

Open Air Cinema 20' Elite Outdoor Movie System Are you a community leader or business owner that is looking for ways to entertain and bring together your group? There is no better way than to bring the magic of the big screen right to your own community.В  Open Air Cinema's Cinebox Elite 20' Outdoor Movie System is the entertainment package of choice if you are looking to screen outdoor movies to thousands of people, but if you don't need all the screen real estate of a 30' or 40' wide screen.В  Often times the area you'll be setting your screen up won't be large enough for a 40' system, and so the 20' Elite is the way to go.В  Like the rest of the Elite portable movie screens, the 20' giant screen is made of the highest quality PVC vinyl, ensuring years of heavy use, even in the harshest conditions (such as on a beach).В  The inflatable screen can withstand strong winds, staying anchored for your outdoor movie event.В  The outdoor projector and outdoor speaker system deliver a stunning audio visual experience. The entire outdoor movie system is engineered to be set up quickly and efficiently. Open Air Cinema 20' Elite Outdoor Movie SystemUpgrading your 20' Elite Cinebox to OAC True HD will give you an even better audio visual experience, with extra sharp image quality and crystal clear audio.В  With the widespread use of High Definition televisions, many people expect the very best in audio visuals when watching movies.В  OAC True HD brings the magic of the big screen to your community or group events. And with the price of high definition outdoor projectors coming down in recent years, OAC True HD has never been more affordable, allowing every community to have the very best in outdoor cinema equipment. Contact us today to speak to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about finding an outdoor movie system that will meet your budget and needs.В  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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