Featured Open Air Cinema Product: 40' Elite Outdoor Movie System

Open Air Cinema Elite 40' Outdoor Movie System For the ultimate in outdoor entertainment, look no further than Open Air Cinema's 40' Elite Outdoor Movie System.В  This state-of-the-art outdoor entertainment system features an inflatable movie screen with a 40' wide image (horizontal not diagonal in measurement) and significant wind resistance, a high end outdoor projector capable of outputting the necessary lumens for a bright, crisp image, and a bold outdoor speaker system that will knock the socks off your audience! This outdoor movie system will entertain thousands, and truly replicates the magic of the big screen under the stars! The portable movie screen can be set up in many locations - from your local beach and park, to a nearby ski resort or entertainment park. Utilizing such a system enables the gathering of entire communities, bringing together groups in ways that are not possible in any other way.В  The power of cinema can transform a community while galvanizing their collective hopes and desires. Open Air Cinema 40' Outdoor Movie SystemUpgrading your 40' Elite system to OAC True HD will match the clarity of contemporary digital cinema, delivering a stunning experience that your group won't forget. Imagine thousands of your audience members as they watch Harry Potter or the latest Disney animation under the stars in razor sharp HD image and audio quality. The 40' Elite outdoor movie system will transform your business or community in significant ways, enabling you to fund raise, entertain, and promote your business or organization. Contact us today to speak to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative who will help you find the outdoor movie system that will meet your budget and needs.В  We look forward to hearing from you!

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