Event Producer Tackle Box — Sockets and Cables — Use Scenarios

Event Producer Tackle Box as a product was born as a result of our own event production experience. When you produce several outdoor movie events per week during the high season rest assured there will be unexpected situations that will need to be resolved.

In fact, at almost every event you will find yourself thinking, "I wish I had this item by my side."

Once you gained more experience with outdoor movie screenings, mostly likely you'll come up with your personal, customized Event Producer Tackle Box. In the meantime, find below several use cases for the items that Open Air Cinema includes in our tackle boxes.

Outlet Extender

Three Plug Outlet Extender - Event Producer Tackle Box
You are producing an outdoor movie event for your client. You arrived at the venue in advance and the customer is showing you the nearest power socket to the outdoor movie system. But a led strip is plugged into that socket. This is a job for the outlet extender.

HDMI to USB Type-C Adapter

USB Type C to HDMI Adapter
There are a lot of situations where you will want to send the content from your iPad to a big screen. Say you want to watch a show from Apple TV+. HDMI to USB Type-C Adapter is something you want to use in this situation. It also works with MacBook on a Silicon chip, iPhone 15 and later as well as many Android phones. We at Open Air Cinema normally keep a copy of the movie for the screening on an iPad, as a backup.

Card Reader

Card Reader - SD and Micro SD

Last time we used a card reader during an outdoor movie screening was for a client at a team-building event. One of the guests brought a DSLR camera and started showing photos from a New Year's party on a 1.5'' screen of that camera. But suddenly one of the guests had an idea to have it shown on an Open Air Cinema screen. And this is where we pulled out our card reader from the tackle box.


USB C Male to USB A Female Adapter
The world of consumer electronics is getting rid of a full-size USB A in laptops and other devices. Think Apple MacBooks with Silicon chips. But there are lots of USB A sticks that people still have and use out there. It's almost certain you will find yourself in a situation where the media file you want to play on a big screen is on a USB stick or portable hard drive, with USB A-only data port.

Use the included USB C to USB A adapter to read and copy that content.

Universal Charging Cable

Universal USB Charging Cable - micro USB, Type-C, Lightning
Being able to charge your phone or tablet at the venue is indispensable. No doubt there will be someone among the guests who will ask you to charge your phone. There are also numerous media players that require 5V power supply to operate, such as ChromeCast and Fire TV Stick. The universal cable includes Type C, Lighting and Micro USB plug.

Think of your upcoming outdoor movie screening as if we were packing for a hiking trip. You are in a remote place and there are lots of tools in the Event Producer Tackle Box from Open Air Cinema that will make your life easier.

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