Event Idea: Boat-in Outdoor Movie Event

Watching movies outdoors be it your backyard or a community park is an unique idea to begin with. But it can become even more original if the venue is a seashore, with the audience seated on vessels.
Boat-in Cinema on an Inflatable Screen
A boat-in outdoor movie event is similar to a drive-in movie event — people watching a movie in the comfort of their boat.

Boat-in movie night. What's the point

Private vessel owners are usually on the lookout for the occasion to travel some place exciting. And a boat-in movie night can become just another great destination for such yacht owners. A boat-in movie event is also great for sponsored promotions and fundraisers to attract a wealthy audience.

Technical side of things

Just like with a drive-in event, an FM transmitter to broadcast the audio directly to each vessel receiver is required.
Watching Movies in the comfort of your vessel
We would also recommend not to overlook a set of powerful outdoor speakers on the shore.

Depending on the number of vessels that you would like to accommodate, we would recommend at least 20' x 11' screen size. You'll want to place the screen as close to the water line as possible. In this case we recommend rear projection. The Open Air Cinema Pro lineup will be your best choice for this type of event because of 35 MPH wind rating and inflatable frame design optimized for rear projection.

Having fun on a boat with a pleasant breeze of the summer night and your favorite flick on a jumbo boat-in screen is setting you up for an unforgettable experience.

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