Eureka Springs, Arkansas: Lucky 13 Outdoor Cinema Begins 6th Season in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Lucky 13 Outdoor Cinema in Eureka Springs, Arkansas"Good, clean, weird family entertainment" is how the Lucky 13 Outdoor Cinema billed itself as it announced its sixth season starting on Sunday evenings June 14 through Labor Day weekend in the parking lot at 1 North Main St., where the movies will be shown on the side of Basin Spring Bath House. Movies will start at dusk, and viewers are encouraged to B.Y.O.S. -- bring your own seating. Anything from lawn chairs and air mattresses are standard, but seating has included couches, lazy boys, boats and dining tables for anniversary parties. The Lucky 13 is the creation of Charlotte Buchanan's glamOrama Productions. GlamOrama has been producing outdoor cinema since 1992, and Buchanan is a Seattle Ticket Master award winner for outdoor cinema. A bargain at twice the price For a $3 donation ($1 for children), the evenings combine live music, sometimes double features, animation, local color and zany contests dedicated to creating local and interactive entertainment for all ages. As Buchanan put it, "Just when you thought you could not have any more fun in a parking lot without a car ..." Each show includes prizes as well. A Shopping Spree Bucks giveaway and other prizes will be awarded for best movie theme audience participation for those willing to become part of the entertainment by making a spectacle of themselves. The outdoor movie schedule Outdoor Movies in Eureka Springs, ArkansasThe June 14 premiere will be a "Night Of The Living 3-D" event featuring "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 3-D. Free 3-D glasses are available while they last at the Cornerstone Bank Financial Center at 152 E. Van Buren. The event, featuring music by the Ariels, will be sponsored by Cornerstone Bank and KUAF 91.3 FM and hosted by Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe and Nature's Treasures. On June 21, "Retail Magic Night," the movie will be "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," featuring music by the Fabulous Hogscalders, sponsored by Spider Woman Graphics and hosted by Granny's Place and The Rowdy Beaver Restaurant and Tavern. On June 28, "Who Wants To Be A Millionairrrrrrrrre? Night," the movie will be the award-winning "Slumdog Millionaire," with music by Opal Fly & thy Faery Pranksters. It will be sponsored by New Delhi Cafe and hosted by Mud Street Cafe and Chon and Jasmine Stanley. July 5 will be an horrific "Mummy's Night Out" event featuring "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor," with music by the Zack Bramhall Band, sponsored by the Eureka Market and hosted by Regalia Handmade Clothing. The July 12 evening will be a "Sing-A-Long Night" with Abba sub-titles for the movie "Mamma Mia." Music will be provided by the Awesome Possums. The event will be sponsored by Ermilio's Italian Home Cooking and hosted by Cafe Soliel and the Treehouse Cottages. On July19, "Bad Girls Rule Night," "Double Indemnity" with Barbara Stanwyck will be double billed with "In This Our Life," starring Bette Davis. Music will be by Lany Ballance & Her Badass Babes. The event will be sponsored by glamOrama production and hosted by the Pied Piper, the Cathouse Lounge and Rae Hahn. "It's Really Not That Bad of a 'B' Movie Night" will happen July 26 with the Dr. Seuss' live-action movie, "The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T." Music will be by Opal Fly & thy Faery Pranksters. The event will be sponsored by E-MotionWorks. During the month of August, the Lucky 13 will be on vacation unless scheduled for rain dates. Labor Day Spectacular Sunday, Sept. 6 will be the Labor Day Weekend Spectacular. It will start at 6 p.m. with the unveiling of the 2009 season Artery panels on the theme "Seasons." The movie will be Disney's "Bedtime Story," and music will be provided by the Tiffany Christopher Band. The event will be sponsored by Local Flavor Cafe and hosted by the Eureka Fine Art Company. Snack World movie concessions for all the movie nights will be provided by Main Stage Creative Community Center as its fundraiser. Source: "Lucky 13 Cinema to begin 6th season" by Don Lee -Lovely County Citizen. Read full article at:

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