Eumundi, Australia: Outdoor Movies Under the Stars in Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia: Outdoor Movies Under the Stars in Queensland AustraliaMany a Romeo has proposed to his Juliet while sitting in front of one, and now the outdoor cinema can make your dreams come true, too, thanks to an entrepreneurial Coast duo. Toni and Guy will bring the big screen to you with their Movies Under the Stars hire company that allows you to sit, lay or stand in your own backyard while watching the latest-release DVD from the video store. My last outdoor cinema experience was quite a few years ago at one of the few drive-ins left in Queensland, at Lower Wonga, near Gympie. So I was excited by the prospect of having the cinema set up at my own house. But how does one go about organising a drive-in night? I figured the first step was to invite a few select friends to share in the viewing pleasure. There's no point watching a giant-sized Patrick Swayze swaying his hips to I've Had the Time of My Life by yourself, is there? Next on my checklist for the big night was food - something close to my, err, stomach. That done, it was time to have a serious think about how to make sure everyone was comfortable. I decided that a bed-like setting would work well in the space I had, so I grabbed two mattresses from the garage, threw a sheet over the top and added a few pillows so my guests could relax. It created the perfect atmosphere for a night under the stars it was like camping, but with a few added comforts including a nearby toilet. On the day, the crew came over to my house to set up. Packed neatly into a discreet black bag, the 3.8-metre inflatable screen comes to life in mere minutes with the help of an air pump its larger-than-life form gulfing my backyard, which only further fuelled my excitement. Then, like a true rock star roadshow, they whipped out their roadie case and speakers and began plugging everything in. To give you an idea of what is involved, the set-up includes: a digital projector; an audio visual centre and PA system with DVD player and mixer that includes a 500-watt sound system; and two speakers. Once it was up and running, I was amazed at the clarity of the sound and quality of the picture I couldn't wait to show my friends and boast about it to those who couldn't make the gig. My guests arrived just in time and we all sat down to enjoy the experience while chowing down on some nibbles and wine. Despite the fact that my movie choices left little to be desired (I decided at the last minute to shelve my Dirty Dancing fantasy in a bid to please the boys), we had a blast. Guy and co. came the next day to pack everything up and take it to its next fun-filled destination. Within minutes, the entire assembly was dismantled and ready to hit the road. One of the best aspects about the set-up is that you don't have to just watch movies: you can also hook up your Wii, Playstation, Xbox, video camera, set-top box or karaoke machine for some interactive fun the possibilities are endless. But whatever your needs, Movies Under the Stars is a fantastic way to bring movies, music and games to life. Source:

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