Douglas, Massachusettes: Funzalo Parties Bring Backyard Movies to Family Gatherings

Funzalo Parties Now Offering Backyard Movies for Family Gatherings

Outdoor Movies in Douglas, MassachusettesFunzalo Parties, a regional provider of ingenious youth entertainment, today announces the introduction of Backyard Movies to its services. Funzalo has been providing 'you gotta see this' amusement via their Foam Parties for the past three years and is expanding their offerings. Backyard Movie Parties recall the nostalgic era of the drive-in movie, with children dressed in pajamas, eating popcorn, and playing on the grounds at dusk while waiting for the movie to begin. Funzalo's Backyard Movie nights allow you to have the same experience right at home -- for a select group of friends with the movie of your choice. "We have received tremendous feedback from our Foam Parties at Funzalo. Customers find that this unique service makes all the difference in entertaining their guests," said owner Fred Fontaine. "Then inspiration struck while at the local drive-in. I thought, if families are having that much fun at a local venue, why not bring it into the backyard -- thus, this new service was born." A professional from Funzalo comes to your home to set up the 12-foot inflatable movie screen, projector, DVD player and powerful sound system. Funzalo Backyard Movies also enables you to hook up to video games. PlayStation, Xbox, GameCube, or other favorite systems can be connected to the outdoor screen for a larger than life, interactive experience. For more information, visit About Funzalo Parties Funzalo parties, founded in 2006, provides family entertainment through foam parties and backyard movies. Their amusement services are customized to your needs and brought right to your home or business for a memorable party experience. More information can be found at By: Marketwire Source:

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