Dartmouth, Massachusetts: Outdoor Movie Night Fostered Community

Dartmouth, Massachusetts Outdoor MoviesOn a Friday in July, my family and I, as well as many other residents and teens, experienced the ultimate family event: a drive-in movie in Dartmouth. Yes, a drive-in movie. For some of us, it was a return to childhood memories, and for others, it served as a memorable new experience. And it all took place within the Field of Dreams-like complex of the Burgo Basketball Association. The drive-in movie night was yet another result of Steve Burgo's vision and recurring commitment to provide a positive and purposeful destination and activity for SouthCoast youth. With Bee Movie encompassing an inflatable Jumbotron-sized screen, blankets and beach chairs serving as the theatre, and popcorn, cotton candy and refreshments providing all the traditions of simpler times, Steve Burgo successfully converted his multiplex of basketball courts into a larger-than-life movie stage. At $20 per car load and with video and sound quality surpassing that of any local indoor cinema, the night was complete with laughter, pick-up basketball games and a genuine sense of community that reminded us all what Dartmouth pride once was all about. For those who have not experienced the complex actually the community that Steve and Donna Burgo as well as tireless volunteers have created, stop by for a summer league basketball game, refine your once can't-miss jump shot or lend your support to continuing to build upon the Burgos' dream. Better yet, join them for their next drive-in movie night and experience something meaningful and memorable with your family.

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