Customer Reviews of Open Air Cinema's Cinebox Outdoor Theater Systems

outdoor theater Contact Open Air Cinema at 866-802-8202 to order your outdoor theater today. We feature a variety of inflatable screens and outdoor entertainment systems, so our trained technicians will help you find the system that is right for your budget and your entertainment needs. You can purchase any outdoor cinema system in our online store by clicking here, or you can contact us directly using our online contact form. We look forward to processing your order today. We have received some pretty great emails from customers lately who have been enjoying their brand new Open Air Cinema Cinebox systems, and we thought we'd pass their comments along to help anyone who may be interested in purchasing an outdoor movie system.В  We manufacture inflatable movie screens and complete outdoor entertainment systems that range in size from 9' wide all the way up to 40' wide. We use only the highest quality materials, and all of our screens are made right here in the USA (and have been for over 10 years). Here's what people are saying about Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen systems: After we sent out our latest Newsletter, which you can read by clicking here, we received this message from Mike in Roslyn, NY: I didn't need WIRED to tell me that. Growing up in the 60s and 70s I loved the outdoor drive-in experience. I have owned several of your comptetitors' systems including Sima blow-up and the metal construct drive-in cinema. Sima had to replace my system multiple times because of leaks-after the third leak (all in the same place by the way), В I just gave up. The metal structure Drive-In was an improvement in that it didn't deflate but the structure buckled and it was not conducive to quick set-up and removal. So I took a chance on your product. I was a bit wary of the blower noise, but I love it. It went up in less than 10 minutes and deflated (on purpose!-not like Sema) in moments. Great job. Overall, you have a terrific product and I've tested 'em all. Yours would be my clear preference. This note was from Aristotle in Seattle, Washington: Oh by the way, I used a 10K lumen, 1080p projector with a Blu-ray player on the screen last Fri. and it looked freaking fabulous! As a person who has been doing custom projection for a couple decades now, I have to say AWESOME PRODUCT! I just wish I had one of these back when I was doing events in South Miami Beach! Good lord I could have used a few of these then! I set it up ahead of time behind the band and as the sun went down I hit the switch and bam! Instant 16' HD TV! And this note is from Erik who recently purchased a new outdoor movie system: You can walk into a home and see the most expensive TV, and it's just a TV, but the Open Air Cinema is a totally different experience. One guest left saying " how decadent", what she didn't know was that the price was not exorbitant for that decadence. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. We look forward to placing your order.

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