Cromarty, Scotland: World's Smallest Drive-In Kicks Off Cromarty Film Festival

Outdoor Movies in Cromarty, ScotlandYesterday, two cars boarded a ferry boat called the Cromarty Rose and watched an outdoor movie on what could have been the world's smallest drive-in cinema. The ship was only big enough for the two cars and a sofa for the captain and crew. The digital projector shinned onto a 20 foot by 50 foot screen that was tied to the ship's bulkhead. The movie played was a 1950's classic called, the Maggie, which ironically, is about a small steamboat. Four car-borne passengers and two guests suffered in the cold to watch the 88 minute movie, when normally the ferry trip across the river takes only fifteen minutes. This screening was staged for two purposes: to launch next month's Cromarty Film Festival and to make an attempt for the Guinness Book of Records. Unfortunately, the attempt failed because the outdoor movie festival theater was not permanent. Read full article at:

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