Connecting Your Tablet to Your Projector

Connecting Your Tablet to Your Projector

If you've ever had to relay a complex idea to someone with only your words, you know how intimidating such a task can be. Even if the vision inside your head is perfectly clear, it can be difficult to articulate. And it doesn't always help to have a person - or worse, a whole conference room - staring at you with a puzzled look in their eyes while you try to explain your position. It's better to show than it is to tell, right? Visual aids almost always help in these situations. Too bad you've got all of your charts, graphs, and illustrations on your tablet.

Or is it? If you've got access to a projector, you are perfectly capable of connecting your tablet to your projector via a Wifi connection. In this post, we're going to show you how to do just that so that you can take your presentation to the next level. Where's the Wifi? There are a few specific projectors on the market today which come with their own built-in Wifi connection. If you already have one of those, it should be pretty self-explanatory how to connect your devices. But, if you have an older, more common model, you'll want to connect it some kind of digital media console that has Wifi capabilities - a middleman, if you will. A gaming system, an Apple TV, or Google's Chromecast box are all good choices, depending on what kind of device you're trying to connect to the projector.

Getting Connected

In order to connect the console of your choice to the projector, you'll most likely need an HDMI cable. Remember, not all HDMI cables match up with the ports in your devices like they should. Make sure to buy a dedicated cable for this specific connection, and make sure that the hood in this cable isn't too large or too small for the port on your projector and on your console. Even when there's only a slight size discrepancy, forcing an oversized or undersized hood into a port can do damage to the pin-to-pin connection which is so vital for quality picture and quality sound.

Connecting Via Wifi

Once you've got the console of your choice fully connected to the projector, it's time to connect said device to the Wifi. If there isn't an automatic connection established, you'll likely need to use the projector as the interface by which you navigate to the settings and establish an Internet connection. It's a good idea to work this connection out well before your presentation, so that your momentum isn't halted by setup time or technical difficulties.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Once your console is up and running, you've basically got the same setup that you would have in the comfort of your own living room - except replace your normal television set with a projector. If you've ever played something from your smartphone or your tablet on the TV at

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