Connecting Your PC to Your Projector via Windows

Connecting Your PC to Your Projector Via Windows

Your projector is not picky. As long as you have the right connection tools, your projector will play video and sound from whatever device you want - Roku, Blu-Ray player, iPod, etc. Still some connections are definitely more complicated than others. In this post we're going to walk you through how to connect your projector to a PC which is set up with a version of Windows.

A Note В to Begin With

Obviously, there are a few different versions of Windows out there. However, the steps should be very similar, if not exactly the same, between Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows XP.

Step One

The first thing you'll want to do is establish a connection between the computer and the projector. To do so, you will likely need a VGA cable. The VGA cable is the one you typically see running from the back of your computer tower to the monitor - which makes sense, since you are now using the projector in lieu of the regular monitor.The VGA cable is the one with 15-pin connection and it typically features two screws on either side which allows you to secure the cable into its corresponding port.

Step Two

Once you've physically connected the computer to the projector, you'll need to change the display properties of the computer. There are a couple of ways you can do that, depending on your specific operating system. However, the easiest way in Windows is to simply access the control panel in the start menu. Once you've got it pulled up, type in projector and it should pull up a specific link titled Connect Your Computer to a Projector . The next step, obviously, is to click on that link.

Step 3

Most Windows programs will allow you to connect to the projector in a few different ways. The most common type of connection is mirrored , which means that the display can be seen on both the projector and the computer's monitor, if it is still connected. Many people prefer this connection for presentations or lectures, so that they can still reference things on the monitor near them without having to get in front of the projector. However, if you're playing a movie and you don't want to have the pesky light from the monitor distract, you can set the display to only go through on the projector.

A Helpful Hint

On some laptop computers and keyboards there is a specific button that allows you display through the projector without having to go through the control panel. It will sometimes say CTRL/LCD or have a small picture of a monitor on it. Simply press the function button (FN) and the monitor button at the same time. After about a ten second delay, the projector should start displaying whatever is on your monitor - so remember to clear your desktop of anything embarrassing before you start your outdoor cinema event!

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