How to Connect your iPad to your Outdoor Movie System

outdoor movie system iPad's have revolutionized the way we watch, listen and experience entertainment. Since the short time since the introduction of the iPad the world has witnessed a revolution in terms of entertainment and computing portability, but with it came the substantially small screen sizes that make iPad's so convenient and efficient. With an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema, you can carry your inflatable projection system in one hand and your iPad in the other, so that you can bring all of your favorite movies and a jaw-droppingly large screen to watch them on wherever you go! You can even stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or any other video streaming app right through your iPad, into your projector, and onto the big screen of your outdoor movie system. It will only take a few quick steps to connect your iPad to your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screen, and we're here with a few tips to help get you set up and running.

Connecting Video to your Outdoor Movie System

First, just plug your iPad into your projector's HDMI input so that you can send video from your iPad to your outdoor movie system. Depending on which model of iPad you have, you'll be using either the original 30-pin connection cord, or the more recent lightning blot connection cord. To be able to send a video signal to your projector, you'll need a iPad to HDMI converter cable. You'll be able to find a converter cable for your iPad cord at any Apple Store, or any other electronics retailer. All you'll have to do is plug the cord that came with your iPad into your iPad, then plug the other end of your cord into the converter. Once it's connected, plug the converter cord into your HDMI input on your projector and you're ready to go.

Connecting Audio to your Outdoor Movie System

There's a few ways to handle the audio components when projecting from you iPad, each generally have similar outcome. After your iPad is connected to you projector with the HDMI connector, you can use the ‘audio out' on the back side of your projector to send a signal to your speaker system. If that way isn't possible for some reason, you can also run a line from your iPad's head phone jack to you sound system, as long your sound system has an ‘AUX-in' capability. If you're looking for a surround sound experience you'll have to go with the HDMI option, as the you iPad's headphone jack is stereo only.

Watch a Movie on your Outdoor Movie System

Once you've got both your audio and video signal running from your iPad, turn on your projector and start enjoying your favorite movies on your outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema on a big, beautiful screen. With an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema, you'll finally be able to take full advantage of you iPad's portability in a way that you never though imaginable until now. Take your favorite movies from the small portable screen onto your portable big screen and bring the magic of the movies with you, wherever you are!

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