Community Development Through The Involvement Of Outdoor Theater

Outdoor Theater

World peace through outdoor theater? Not likely, however here at Open Air Cinema we have a chance to contribute. Seriously. Here's a great example: Eric Kabera. Kabera is the founder of the Kwetu Film Institute in Rwanda. Eric and his team are helping local film enthusiasts develop practical filmmaking experience and careers in outdoor cinema event production.

Eric has teams of open air event producers who screen comedies and other light hearted content to reduce ethnic tension. Eric has an optimistic personality that envelops those he meets with an excitement for life. His projects help heal scars and memories of genocide. It's an example of the power of film and community outdoor cinema. You can watch Finding Hillywood to see details of Eric's impressive efforts.

Personal, Local, and International Application

Community outdoor cinema can contribute to opportunities regardless where you live. It's an effective public communication tool to advance social causes. There are organizers, institutions, municipalities, and nonprofits that you can team up with to promote important issues. Awareness is the first approach to solving community issues.

If there is a health risk in your area, homelessness, service for veterans, or support for an under served hospital or school, awareness through outdoor cinema is a great first step.

There are countless useful contemporary documentaries. Food, Inc. directed by Robert Kenner, reminiscent of The Jungle, calls for an awakening about the way we view health and the mishandling of our food resources; An Inconvenient Truth directed by Davis Guggenheim promotes Al Gore's campaign to demand courage in the face of global climate change; Baraka, directed by Ron Fricke, is a collection of photos and time lapse sequences that beautifully paint the grandeur of the earth and our interaction with it.

Fittingly, the title Baraka means blessing. Outdoor theater can be a public forum with memorable impact. Our outdoor theater systems can reach your local book club or excluded communities in central America.

Your Passions Seen through Outdoor Theater

What causes are you passionate about? Honestly, we would love to hear them! We believe Eric Kabera's use of outdoor theater is a model worth following. In the USA you may have all the tools you need: passion, parks, and community groups. An outdoor cinema setup and your drive to contribute can make a difference in your community.

If you are making a difference in your community through outdoor cinema, we would love to feature your event and cause on our blog! Contact us today by clicking here, and we'll share your outdoor theater community initiatives with the Open Air Cinema community.

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