Cinebox Takes the Cinema Experience Outside

Bring the Movie Theater to your backyard with Cinebox

Everyone loves going to the movies. Whether it's the large screen, the sound system, or just the atmosphere, the movie-going experience can now move outdoors. With Cinebox, anyone can play movies outside for both small and large crowds. Cinebox is an innovative, all-inclusive outdoor cinema system that is easily set-up for even the most technologically challenged! Each Cinebox includes an inflatable movie screen, an all-in-one audio/video console with pro-audio sound, DVD player, and outdoor video projector. The easy to use Cinebox comes pre-connected with everything needed for an awesome outdoor movie experience. The Cinebox also comes with an easy to use training DVD that walks through each step of the system's set-up and how to get started. The Cinebox has an inflatable outdoor movie screen that is available in various sizes, depending on the size of the viewing audience. With sizes ranging from 16'x9' to 9'x5', both small and large crowds alike can easily see the screen from virtually any vantage point. Each inflatable movie screen included with a Cinebox movie player purchase is also puncture-proof, lightweight, and freestanding. Inflation time is under a minute and has a quiet air-blower that keeps the screen inflated at a constant pressure. Cinebox screens easily deflate in a matter of seconds due to the large air-escape vents that allow for quick deflation. The outdoor Cinebox movie player has an average setup time of 20 minutes. Within each Cinebox purchase, there is a ten-step checklist built into the box for fast and easy-to-understand set-up directions. Cinebox works for any event whether in a backyard, park, stadium, or other outdoor venue. The easy-to-use, portable Cinebox can even be used in a pool because it floats! The options are endless for anyone wanting to purchase a Cinebox, affording the user the ability to screen movies for charitable fund-raisers, birthday parties, or family celebrations. To learn more about the Cinebox movie player, navigate through the site or call toll-free at 1-866-802-8202 for more information. With the high quality Cinebox cinema system, anyone can play it big.

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