CineBox Inflatable Movie Screen Makes its Hollywood Debut on the Learning Channel

Inflatable Screen: Your Place or MineOpen Air Cinema is no stranger to the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. For years we have been screening films and projecting movies in Hollywood, Culver City, Burbank and other entertainment hotspots. But today marks a first. In a curious reversal of roles one of our inflatable movie screens has become the star! The Learning Channel contacted Open Air Cinema to introduce us to their first venture into the game show genre. Your Place or Mine is a new series that pits two families against each other for a chance to win newly furnished rooms for their homes. Each time a family answers a question correctly, they can either pick a furnished room for their home or 'steal' a roomful of furniture out of the other family's home. Viewers watch as movers frantically shuffle and redecorate these homes throughout the game. 'Your Place or Mine' is hosted by Cameron Mathison who plays Ryan Lavery on All My Children, while Diane Mizota, who appeared in Austin Powers: Goldmember and Memoirs of a Geisha, supervises the remodeling of the homes. So how, in the midst of all this reshuffling of home appliances, does an Open Air Screen become a star? Well, we are sworn to secrecy, but you can tune in to Your Place or Mine on Saturday nights at 6/5c to witness firsthand our debut on the tube.

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