Cincinnati, Ohio: Outdoor Movies on an Inflatable Screen Presented by Premiere Mobile Cinema

Outdoor Movies in Cincinnati, OhioIt's almost summer and the outdoor movie craze has finally hit full swing here in the tri-state after slowly making its way in from the coasts. Giant, inflatable screens are going up in surrounding communities providing family friendly, free entertainment to the masses. The keyword free weighs heavily. In this rough economic time family movie nights all across the area have been a welcome sign to families and individuals that have finances stretched thin. And who doesn't love outdoor cinema? Movies are paid for by various parks & recreation departments, corporate sponsorship, donations or private funding. Delhi Township based Premiere Mobile Cinema, provides audio/visual services for outdoor movies, sporting events, video game tournaments or anything one desires to project on to one of their giant inflatable screens. PMC has brought their fast growing brand of entertainment to dozens of communities and organizations throughout the region over the past few years and is happy to be part of this outdoor trend. To find an outdoor movie presentation in your community, contact your local administration or check local event listings of your respective community. Excerpt from "Premiere Mobile Cinema brings communities closer with Outdoor Movies" by Denver DeGregorio. Read full article at:

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