Christmas Gift Idea: Open Air Cinema 16' Home Outdoor Movie System

Home 16' Inflatable Movie Screen Are you looking for a Christmas gift that the entire family will enjoy ? Do you want your house to be the coolest spot on the block? Open Air Cinema's 16' Home Outdoor Movie System is a perfect Christmas present that will facilitate enjoying what matters most in life: family and friends! The 16' portable movie screen, outdoor projector, and outdoor audio system create a larger-than-life cinema experience, right in your own backyard.В  The inflatable movie screen is lightweight and highly portable, enabling you to enjoy the experience of the movies in just about any situation: poolside cinema, beachside cinema, camping cinema, block party cinema, among many others. And for the very best image and audio quality, upgrade your 16' Home System to OAC True HD.В  You'll be viewing movies in crystal clear fashion, and will be able to play all of your Blu Ray disks that you've collected over the years.В  Even streaming videos over the web through services such as Netflix, Blockbuster, or Apple TV will allow for HD quality.В  For a small monthly subscription fee, you'll be enjoying an unlimited number of movies right in your own backyard.В  From Harry Potter to Lord of The Rings, the big screen will create a movie experience unlike any other, especially as you enjoy the magic of the movies under the stars. No matter where you are in the world (Australia, Africa, Brazil, Texas, Arizona, Florida), the magic of outdoor movies can be yours through purchasing an Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System onВ  Have questions about outdoor movies? Contact us today, and we'll be in touch shortly to help you find a backyard cinema system that will meet your budget and needs.

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